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Like most single women over forty, I bought into “there are no good men out there.” Then after starting one of the biggest singles social groups in Southern California I soon realized we women had it all wrong. Yes, the minefield of game playing, bad boys is fully armed. But there are a lot of really great men out there. Men with sincere hearts who have a lot to offer the right woman if they could just find her. But they were too busy making terrible decisions. I was blown away by how often—and easily—interesting, talented, hot, otherwise smart, sincere, kind-hearted men will fall for the obvious woman-traps. Nice guys can’t tell when women are into them or playing them.

Newly inspired, I set out and interviewed hundreds of single men and women. And I recorded all the gory details. I started sharing and comparing scenarios with friends, blogging, surveying dating sites’ members, holding focus group discussions, and ultimately exposing the six basic stereotypical woman-traps to avoid. To say it struck a chord is an understatement.

The Playbook: A Man’s Guide to Understanding and Outmaneuvering the Games Women Play (40,000 – 50,000 approximate word count) is written to enlighten men. To expose the games some women play. Hot topics include: Gold Diggers, “Rules Girls”, Faking the Big “O”, Prick Teasers, and The Friend Zone. This essential women-tell-all also offers invaluable advice from hundreds of real women on how to capture the heart of a good woman. Men will know how to ask the right questions and be able to quickly identify any red flags, improving his game and the odds of finding “Ms. Right.”

Rest assured there’s no psychobabble or counselor-speak ahead. I am not a psychologist, marriage counselor, or a PhD. I am simply a SWF, inspired by real life scenarios, with more mating and dating experience than I care to admit.


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