Chapter Discriptions-Coming Soon


Chapter One: Insanity (Completed)
Definition: (n.) continuing to do what you’ve always done and expecting different results
The opening chapter invites the reader to consider his current dating life and ask himself serious questions: Are you happy with what you’ve always attracted or are you ready to attract Ms. Right and create real and lasting relationships?
Topics include:
 Why I wrote this book for men
 How THE PLAYBOOK was inspired
 Clips and previews of upcoming topics designed to inspire the reader to keep reading.
 Tips on how to best apply the knowledge disclosed

Chapter Two: Gold Diggers (Completed)
The #1 game run on good men. Are you reading this book because you’ve been used and financially abused—perhaps more than once—and are sick and tired of it? You want to find a woman that loves you for you, not just your money, which is a much harder task for the well-to-do man.
Topics include:
 The Short Term Gold Digger (STG)
 The Long Term Gold Digger (LTG)
 Who they target, their agenda, justifications, and strategies. How to spot and avoid, and most importantly how to protect your heart and your “ass”ets.

Chapter Three: “Rules Girls” (Completed)
Did you know there are certain women who identify themselves as “Rules Girls”? They subscribe to and swear by a book titled, The Rules. You may not have read the book, but I can assure you, most of the women I know have and its impact on the dating scene is inescapable. You’ve probably even dated one of these women. As the title loudly hints, there are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts in dating a “Rules Girl”—mostly Don’ts.
Topics include:
 What is a “Rules Girl” and her motivation?
 What are The Rules?
 How to decide if all the hoop-jumping is worth it. And if the answer is yes. . .
 How to win the heart of a “Rules Girl”

Chapter Four: Faking It – the Big “O”
We’ve all heard the sexist jokes (“How do you make a woman cum? Who cares?” Ha ha ha LOL). Go ahead laugh all you want guys, but if you want to keep the woman of your dreams in your life, you need to care.
Topics include:
 Why is it so important to know if she’s faking the BIG “O”?
 Why do women fake it anyway?
 Simple signs of a faked orgasm and what to do if you think she’s faking it with you.

“I thought everything was going great, until she left me for another guy.
She’d been having an affair for months. I had no clue.”
Chapter Five: Prick Teasers, Time Wasters
This chapter really could have been three. However, so many of the traits, signs and scenarios are the same that I see it as one topic. The chapter includes some of the most merciless scenarios I’ve witnessed so far. The Game Player, the Time Waster and the Prick Teaser prey on the most venerable of men: “Nice Guys”. She is able to set your feelings aside in pursuit of her personal self-gratification.

“I just can’t figure this girl out. We have some great phone conversations, if ya know what I mean. Wink-wink. We had a great date. When I picked her up she invited me in to share a glass of wine and cheese. She showed me all around her house. We even hung out in her bedroom. She was flirty and sexy. She was dressed like a brick house. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body. She started trying on different blouses to ware. All hot. So before we even got out the door I’ve seen her in her bra.
She held my hand in the car, pulling it over to her bare legs. We sat next to each other at dinner and the sex talk started again. At one point she even reached over and grabbed my cock to see if I was getting hard. And I was. At the party we danced and she rubbed all over me, kissing each other. She kept taking all these selfies of us in cute couple poses. With each glass of wine she became more and more sexual with me.
But then on the ride home she started the most asinine argument about some girl that I supposedly was checking out. By the time we hit her house she stormed out of the car without so much as a goodnight kiss.
And get this, the next morning she calls all sweet like nothing happened. I apologized for the misunderstanding and she said she forgave me but I have to make it up to her next time.
What the heck does that mean?”

Dear Blue Balls,
My advice to guys who find themselves in this situation is to enjoy the play without expectation. Flirt back, play a little game of public foreplay if you want. Who knows maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll take it beyond playful flirting. But don’t fall for this girl she’ll just torture you.
Think you’re being played? Try this. Next date try a private dinner for two. When you pick her up, go in for the good kiss. If she pulls back you’re likely being played. Now you know… make your own choices. But if you are looking for real love I wouldn’t waste one Saturday night in pursuit. Move on.

Topics include:
 Mr. Temporary Man
 The “Any Guy Is Better Than No Guy” Gal
 The Rebounder
The hidden meaning behind “I’m still friends with all my exes”

Chapter Six: The Dreaded “Friend Zone”
In this chapter I will discuss the pain of unrequited love. All great relationships have one thing in common. They are best friends. But can a friend’s first relationship ever become more and, if yes, how? How to tell if you will ever be able to break out of the “friend zone.”
How long is too long? Even a rules girl will come out of her shell once she is convinced she is in a loving committed mandamus relationship. If she’s into you there will be heat.
Let me share an actual conversation between men I overheard one night at a party.

Joe: How long have you been dating?

Bob: Well. . . technically were “just friends.”

Joe: I see. And how long have you been “just friends”?

Bob: About three years. But she says I am as close to a boyfriend as she’s gotten since her divorce. She has a lot of trust issues. But we date at least 2-3 times a month. We spend lots of time together; we’ve even taken mini trips together. We both enjoy the outdoors.

Joe: Do you kiss?

Bob: No, she’s not ready for that. You see she’s got issues from her past and says she has a fear of intimacy.

Joe: So nothing at all, no hand holding, no kissing, hugs…. Nothing?

Bob: No, but I am sure that when she’s ready she’ll let me know.

Joe: Have you tried?

Bob: Yes, a couple of times.

Joe: What happened?

Bob: She pulled away, got mad and left.

Joe: Are you dating other people, dude?

Bob: NO! That would totally destroy all the trust I’ve been trying to build.

Joe: Dude?

Topics include:
 Are you being played?
 Tips to changing the nature of your friendship.
 Getting her to see you as more than just a friend.

Chapter Seven: Just Plain Crazy
Okay, she may be cute, funny, and totally into you, but. . . In this chapter I will discuss the DANGER SIGNS, the red flags that tell you it’s time to cut and run.
“I love her, I really do and I’d do anything to help her. But last night she come over drunk and my kids were there. She was yelling from the street for me to open the door because she wanted to F… me. The neighbors came out and threatened to call the police. I hustled her inside and managed to quite her down but not before both the kids were in tears and wanting to call their mom to pick them up. Boy did I hear it from the ex-wife the next day. What a scene. The next day she remembered nothing. I don’t know what to do.”
Topics include:
 Drugs and alcohol
 Signs of mental instability
 Other just plain crazy women best to avoid

Part II—How to Spot and Hold onto Ms. Right

Chapter Eight: Giving Up the Caveman
In this chapter I will discuss how men by nature are caveman hunters and women are gathers. This is true if shopping for a new tie or a new girlfriend. Women shop by looking around, comparing and testing for quality. Men will BUY! They find the first suitable thing they see, bag it, tag it and take it home.
I argue that men should put down their hunter’s cap altogether and become a more discerning shopper.

Chapter Nine: The List
You know “The List”? That unrealistic checklist of relationship wants, needs, deal breakers and desires that women have been making for years. In this chapter I will discuss a new approach to making “The List” passed down through my grandmother to my mom and then to me. Men and women have been list-making all wrong. This new approach will especially reach men because it uses a quantify measure of money

Chapter Ten: Internet Do’s and Don’ts
In this chapter I will discuss using the Internet the right way. What do women really think while reading Internet dating profiles? I disclose how women shop and compare Internet profiles; what they look for; how they interpret your profile; and the entire do’s and don’ts of Internet dating.
Topics include:
• How to present yourself in a manner that will attract the attention of the woman you desire.
• The importance of posting a picture and how to choose the right image.
• What NOT to say, as well as helpful phases that attract positive attention.

Chapter Eleven: Dating Do’s and Don’ts
It’s the topic women wanted me to talk about most. “Are you going to teach men how to behave on a date?” they all asked. Women are never shy about sharing their first date horror stories. In this chapter I will share several mornings after conversations between women. I will teach men what women really think and why so many men never get that second date.
Topics include:
 Don’ts like: The Bragger; The Hater; The Drunk; The “My Ex Is Such a Bitch”; The Pervert; The Cheapskate; The Fool; The Wimp; The Deadbeat
 Do’s like: The importance of timing; The importance of the first kiss; The sexiness of intelligence; The class act; Creating romance; and Getting that second date

Chapter Twelve: Take Off the Rose-colored Glasses
This is the hard truth. I could have called this chapter “Batting Out of Your League.” In this chapter through a process of self-evaluation and self-reflection I invite men to first become that which they desire.
Topics include:
 Body image by sharing “The peach and banana” story by Leo Buscaglia
 You must first become that which you desire.
 Would you let your sister date someone like you?
 Cultivate, educate, and find our inner voice

Chapter Thirteen: Should You Walk Away Or Try Harder?
What a shame it would be if after all the time and effort you put into becoming a smarter and reinvented version of yourself you finally find Ms. Right. . . only to lose her in due time. In this chapter I will share the top ten signs she’s getting ready to dump your ass.
Topics include:
Is there still hope?
And what to do to save the relationship.


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