About this blog


Are you tired of one-night stands?

Perhaps you’ve experienced a chain of three- to six-month relationships that lead nowhere.

Perhaps you haven’t been laid in years.

Have you been taken for a financial ride more than once?

Are you ready to find out why?

Are you ready for a paradigm shift?


Who Should Follow this Blog?

This blog is aimed at all the hundreds of great guys out there who are looking for love that have been taken for granted, used, abused and just not loved enough. For most of these guys, “Ms. Right” is staring them right in the face.  All they needed was a fresh perspective and some new tools in the old tool belt.

It is my sincere hope that this blog will help men find the real love they deserve while helping the quality women everywhere get the attention the deserve.

Why I’m I blogging for men?

We ladies have had dozens of blogs, books and magazines teaching us dating do’s and don’ts.  He’s Just Not That Into You, The Rules, Red Flags, Getting to I Do, the entire “Venus and Mars” collection, just to name a few. However, for men, nada.  There are guides on sex and pick-up guides, but where are the books that disclose the games women play.

Well babe, this is it!

I have seen it all and I am here to tell all.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge saves time.

Knowledge saves money.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, knowledge can protect you from a broken heart.


Ladies, here is your chance.

If you agree or disagree with my feedback, let’s hear it.  If you have a relative scenario, please do share.  If you feel I left out an important detail, chime in.  The guys don’t want to hear from just me.  They want and need to hear from all women from all walks of life.

Are your enjoying this blog? Would you like to help turn this blog into a book.

  1. Don’t just visit……join and start blogging with me. Go to ask her and answers for chapter 1

  2. To all my friends out there. You are the 1st to join and hopefully the 1st to comment. I know you all have a lot to say. Please help me get this blog going by sharing with your friends and family.

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