Do you agree or disagree #7

MISTAKE #7: Thinking That It
Takes Money And Looks

One of the most common mistakes that guys make is giving up before they’ve even gotten started… because they think that attractive women are only interested in men who have looks and money… or guys who are a certain height… or guys who are a certain age.

And sure, there are some women who are only interested in these things.

But MOST women are far more interested in a man’s personality than his wallet or his looks.

There are personality traits that attract women like a magnet…

And if you learn what they are and how to use them, YOU can be one of these guys.

YOU DO NOT have to “settle” for a woman just because you aren’t rich, tall, or handsome.

Let me say this again: If you know how to use your body language and communication correctly, you can make women feel the same kind of powerful sexual attraction to you that YOU feel when you see a hot, sexy young woman.


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  1. I have heard many of my Men friends make this comment, and I view this opinion as a cop out. Stop using this as an excuse as to why you are not in a relationship. There are women out there who are interested in knowing about YOU, not your bank account. Before you will ever get into a conversation with her, you must dump your preconceived notion that they won’t even talk to you because of your finances. Perhaps the more important thing to show her would be your versatility and resilience and ability to choose the life you want for yourself, and create it into reality. These are things that will impress just about any woman!

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