Question from the web

I picked up this question from the web today.

“There is a girl at work that I am really attracted to.  We’ve been flirting and emailing for months now.  I finally asked her out only to be told she has a boyfriend.  Since then she continues to flirt and email me.  Why? Why? Why?

Is she lying about the boyfriend?

Is she unhappy with her  boyfriend?

Is she just toying with me?

What  should I do?”

Naturally, I have advice for this “lonesome lover”, but lets hear what you think………………..


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  1. I would say she wants to see JUST HOW serious you are. She obviously likes you otherwise she would not continue to flirt. Ask her about her boyfriend periodically. (BF DO NOT last forever) Keep showing her you are interested. Take her to lunch continue to flirt. Then when she finally tells you her BF is out of the picture you can make your move.

    Its either that or she has NO IDEA she is flirting with you or she just can not help herself. SOME women are naturally flirty and will flirt with everyone regardless. SOME women want to leave it open with you just in case something does happen with her BF. Then OTHER women are just mean and love toying with your emotions.

    I have no idea how to tell which woman she is. The option, The flirt Addict, or the MEAN ASS BITCH!! I can never tell myself..

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